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Finding a place where you feel comfortable, close to everything you need and profitable is sometimes a challenge.


Australian cities offer you a wide variety of accommodation. You can choose the backpacker option for your first days in Australia, share accommodation with other students, live in a student residence or fully immerse yourself in Australian culture and live with an Aussie family.

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But don’t worry, the My Dream Study team will accompany you to find the best accommodation.

Share accommodation

This is one of the most common options among international students. Depending on your budget you will have the option of having your own room or sharing it with up to 3 other people.

Prices are changing depending on the city you live in and also on demand. A room of your own in Sydney near the CBD can cost you between $250 and $300 per week.



If you want to know more about Australian culture, this is your great opportunity. You will be able to live with a real Australian family, which will help you feel more integrated while improving your English.

You will have your own room and the security of living with a family that will help you in your first months in Australia. You can choose a short stay with a host family or for the entire duration of your course.


Student’s residence

Some Australian institutions offer the option of student residence. One of the advantages of living in a student residence is that it will cover many of your needs, such as food or cleaning. It will also allow you to meet students from other countries.

You can choose to share a room or have your own. The option of food and cleaning are also extras that you can add to your accommodation.


Hostel or backpacker

This is perhaps the best of the options so that your social life in Australia is incredible. It will allow you to meet people from all over the world, while offering you flexibility and fairly affordable accommodation until you settle into your new life.

Also, if you are on the Work and Holiday visa, this will perhaps be your most feasible option while you move around the different Australian cities or during your farm period.


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